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Свайные и фундаментные работы


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Drilling and piling works area are fitted with equipment “Casagrande”, “Mait”, “Titon” and makes CFA and bored piles in civil and industrial projects.

The main features of technique in operation:

  • warranted absence of building deformation joined to the job site;
  • the minimal impact on soil mass cut by rock-destruction tool;
  • minimal blocked-hole granule removal during drilling, attained by liquid supply optimization;
  • guaranteed borehole filling by concrete, supplied by concrete pump under pressure through injector. Bore hole walls solidification and blowhole absence  (“rising column concrete” method);
  • piles pitching of different dimensions (diameter 400 mm, 450 mm and 500 mm, length up to 35 meters);
  • proven quality control scheme of piling works

Azovintex specialists execute foundations of different difficulty including floating plates; special foundations for objects in  landfall area and also lay drainage systems.

During underground space development slurry wall method is applied.