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Производство нерудных материалов


Projecting and Building enterprise «Azovintex» is the manufacturer and supplier of granite crushed stone. Production capacity is more than 1000 thousand m3 per year. The crushing and screening plant of the “Sandvik” company was put into operation with capacity of 2 million tons of crushed stones with cubic form per year.

The crushed stone of fractions 5-10, 10-20, 5-20, 40-70, as well as 0-5 (screening) is made of the rock mass, that is purchased in Private Joint Stock Company “Quarry Kalchikskiy” (Sionits field Cherdaklinskoye), located 30 km north of Mariupol and in Private Joint Stock Company “Quarry Starokrymskiy” (Sionits field Starokrymskoye). The crushed stone manufactured from the above rocks is of high quality:

– Strength – 1200-1400;

– Frost resistance — F-300;

  – The 1st class of radiation background (all the types of construction, including apartment houses and buildings).

The production has guaranteed high quality in all the characteristics, the absolute absence of external impurities (clay, earth, etc.) and can be used in any, even the most important and complex structures.