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Горизонтально направленное бурение



The advantages of using the technology of horizontal directional drilling:

  • laying of underground pipelines under extreme conditions:
  • under rivers, lakes, forest areas;
  • under highways, tramways and railways;
  • under conditions of dense residential buildings;
  • on the territory of industrial enterprises;
  • in special running grounds and massive rocks;
  • carrying out the trenchless laying of pipelines and maintenance of underground utilities without ground excavation;
  • possibility to pass over the obstacles along the pipeline routes and to design the path of a bore of any configuration within the natural curving of drill rods;
  • absence of necessity to fulfill the works on lowering of water level under conditions of high ground waters;
  • reduction of estimated costs of pipeline construction, expenses of their control and maintenance during the operation period;
  • minimization of negative influence onto the living conditions of people within the work area.

Department of trenchless technologies of Projecting and Building Enterprise “Azovintex” carries out the works using the technology of horizontal directional drilling by means of VERMEER D 36х50 Series II unit, produced in the USA.