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SCPM (Stamping-Charging-Pushing machine)

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Project info:

Industrial Construction
Alchevsk, Donetsk region,Ukraine


Stamping-Charging-Pushing machine (SCPМ) is designed for the following operations on the coke battery:

  • selection of coal from a coal tower;
  • preparation of coal pie;
  • loading the cake into the coke oven;
  • ejection of coke;
  • work on the coke oven (removal and installation of doors, cleaning doors and door frames).

The machine is designed for single-point maintenance of coke oven chambers.

The capacity of the coal bunker is sufficient to form four coal pies.

The wireless information transfer system provides synchronization between the machines serving the battery, communication with the dispatcher and allows maintaining the preset time for camera maintenance – 12 minutes.

The machine is equipped with an industrial television system.

It is possible to control the machine and individual units both in automatic mode and in manual mode from the operator’s panels.